The Black Mamba Provides Complete, Predictable Sucker Rod String Control for Modern Deviated Horizontal Wells

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This manufacturing process and product feature new material science and design to protect sucker rods. Traditional legacy sucker rod guides are problematic when rods experience inevitable compression; extreme bending moments cause pre-mature rod failure and rod parts, putting wells offline until intervention. The Black Mamba acts as a sucker rod stabilizer and rod guide in one, providing complete, predictable rod control. The Black Mamba is industry-leading in every metric, with no additional cost to existing rod guide users. Polished Rod

The Black Mamba Provides Complete, Predictable Sucker Rod String Control for Modern Deviated Horizontal Wells

OKLAHOMA CITY , July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As beam lift systems in modern wells continue to present challenges in predicting and understanding sucker rod string dynamics, Black Mamba Rod Lift (founded by Jeff McDougall  and Jonathan Martin ) has developed a new and unique product line with innovative, intelligent manufacturing leading to new products never before possible. Traditionally, rod strings in beam lift pumping are protected and centralized in production tubing by way of multi-fin, thermoplastic centralizers or sucker rod guides. Thermoplastic materials can be hygroscopic (material properties are drastically affected by fluid immersion), are melt-processable, meaning the materials soften when heated. Production systems feature fluid immersion and elevated temperatures. Because of this, thermoplastics wear at an accelerated rate when exposed to fluid and temperature. Further, the design of standard, legacy multi-fin centralizers proves problematic when the rod string is subject to compressive loading, causing bending moments with the long slender column buckles from instability. These bending moments create stresses the rod string was not designed for; micro-cracks form, propagate, and rod failure occurs - the producing wells are then offline until costly repair, maintenance, and intervention.

"Compression is inevitable in rod lift, more prevalent in deviated horizontals and multi-well pads, all directly related to modern drilling and completion practices. Rod lift technology has been relatively stagnant for years, not keeping up with the technology industry relies on to get to the reservoir," said Martin. "Often drilling is executed without thought or consideration of producing the well. We cannot apply prior rod lift principles and technologies to current drilling tendencies."

In 2013, Martin introduced a new manufacturing process and material for tubing wear solutions for standard, multi-finned sucker rod guides. Thermoset phenolic, although having been around for decades in oil and gas, had not evolved into the sucker rod guide space. With its introduction, the material proved itself time and time again in high-temperature and high-wear applications, such as newly drilled shale play production wells. For 2020, Martin has linked his intellect of polymer science and manufacturing with alternative resin development and a newly developed, bespoke manufacturing system to produce and patent protected and patent-pending products, e.g.: The Black Mamba. "Our specially engineered production system, equipment, and purpose-built facility allow us to mold extended length thermoset helical stabilizers to and around sucker rods, constantly protecting and reinforcing the rod to the central axis of the tubing in application. Black Mamba provides complete, predictable sucker rod behaviors and control, even in compressive moments, mitigating significant pain to operators related to bending moments, pre-mature rod failure and rod parts."

"Innovation in any industry is not something that can be done alone. Reciprocal respect is imperative in the launch of new technologies and products, and everyone has bought in, our distribution and sales channels, our colleagues and relationships at E&P companies. Machine design, tooling, and material developments never before seen, it is all possible with the collaborative efforts of Black Mamba Rod Lift and our friends and partners. The iterative integration we have created for the manufacturing management system is astonishing. This is truly exciting times for polymer science, manufacturing, and rod lift!"

The molding system features Algorithmic Flow Control and a secondary, custom sucker rod oven for Cure Insurance. Combining these features creates a system that watches the material flow through the cavities, creating perfectly filled, packed, and cured parts every time, typically observed as a challenge in thermoset manufacturing. Additionally, Black Mamba Rod Lift has integrated a master control center which monitors and regulates all temperatures and pressures throughout the facility; each part is laser etched for the ultimate traceability. Lastly, Black Mamba Rod Lift offers The Black Mamba at pricing extremely comparable to traditional sucker rod guides. With greater temperature and wear performance, impact strength, elongation, adhesion to the rod, direct rod protection, erodible wear volume, flow area, reduction in hydraulic drag, The Black Mamba will become the new standard throughout rod lift for sucker rod protection. "If you use and can afford the expense of rod guides, you can afford Black Mamba, providing extreme centralization, wear protection and sought-after compression stabilization," declared Martin.

For inquires, contact Black Mamba Rod Lift at [email protected]  or 405.289.9547.

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The Black Mamba Provides Complete, Predictable Sucker Rod String Control for Modern Deviated Horizontal Wells

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