The 6 Best Digital Picture Frames of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Show off your travel memories with these digital photo frames.

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The 6 Best Digital Picture Frames of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

I’ll be the first to admit that as much as I want to create scrapbooks and photo albums of my travels, somehow I never get there. Life gets busy, the hundreds (or let's be real, thousands) of photos end up buried in my camera roll, and I never take the time to go back and look at them. Enter the digital picture frame: a modern yet nostalgic solution to showcase your cherished travel memories.

Before purchasing your digital frame, take a moment to think about some of the qualities you want to prioritize. Do you want it to look like a traditional frame, or do you want a more tech-forward look? Do you care about the orientation your frame will sit? Do you want to hang it on the wall? Do you want your frame to do more than just display photos? 

Our team tested 12 digital picture frames for ease of use, photo and video quality, aesthetic, and more. We evaluated and compared each option based on the setup process, frame design, display quality, features, and value. (Read more about our comprehensive testing process below.) Our testing is ongoing for six more months to ensure each option’s reliability. Keep reading to find the digital picture frame that will best show off your adventures!

This digital frame is stylish, user friendly, easy to set up, and features unlimited storage so you can keep adding pictures to your liking.

You cannot hang the frame on a wall due to the design of the wall outlet. 

Every little detail of this photo frame, from a speaker that plays sounds from videos to the automatic turn-off feature at night (that also automatically turns on in the morning), make this Aura option our top pick for any user. We had a very positive experience setting up the digital frame, using the Aura app for easy photo and video uploads over Wi-Fi. The sturdy frame will adjust the photos and automatically crop them based on whether it’s placed vertically or horizontally.  

The display’s high resolution provides bright and high-definition images without graininess. Videos play super crisp as well, and the frame includes a speaker for video sound. Additional features include an automatic turn off at night and turn on in the morning, the ability to preload images and messages for gifting, and unlimited storage. We also love that you can also email photos to the frame’s unique address to easily add photos. Or, you can share a link with other loved ones in your life for them to add photos to your frame — and if it’s photos you haven’t seen before, the experience is a total welcome surprise.

The Details: 10.1 inches | 1280 x 800 resolution | Unlimited storage | Interactive touchbar | Works with Apple (iOS 12+) and Android devices (5.0+) | App required

This digital frame is super customizable, featuring a clock, a weather report, brightness adjustments, ability to add photo captions, and more. 

While the display is clear, the image resolution is not as sharp as on high-end smartphones, especially when viewed up close.

We love that this option looks more decorative, appearing to be a traditional, wooden photo frame with a white area that makes it look like your photos are matted. The setup process is straightforward, and the frame is easy to use in both landscape and portrait modes. It automatically adjusts photo orientation, and the cord is designed for easy concealment. The photos don’t look as clear on the frame as they did on our phones, but it is fine if you’re displaying photos from afar.

The frame offers a range of features including a touchscreen; notifications for new photos; video playback with sound (although notably quieter compared to the volume of notification sounds); and customizable settings like a clock, viewing the weather, adjusting brightness, and adding photo captions. Plus, all of these features are easy to navigate right on the frame itself with the super responsive touchscreen. Users can also tap a photo currently being displayed and change how it fits in the frame in real-time.

The Details: 10.1 inches | 1280 x 800 resolution | 8 GB memory | Touchscreen | Works with Apple and Android devices | App required | USB and memory card slots

The 9-inch frame displays photos and videos crystal clear, every time.

If you want to play video with sound, you have to manually turn the volume on for each video that cycles through, as opposed to toggling a volume button on and off.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, especially when the quality is so clear that you feel transported back to a moment in time. The display on this Aura frame has the highest resolution of our entire list, boasting 224 pixels per inch, and the quality is consistent from photo to photo and video. Even the photos that the frame has had to crop or adjust (in situations where the orientation of the images doesn't match the orientation of the frame) have displayed quite clear and filled the frame. The frame's setup is straightforward, with an intuitive app to add photos and videos. Its design is high-end and non-techy, giving it a beautiful aesthetic that would complement any room. We especially love the unlimited cloud storage for all users (even for those who you invite to add photos to your frame), automatic turn off when the room gets dark, and customizable slideshow timings. 

The Details: 9 inches | 1600 x 1200 resolution | Unlimited storage | Interactive touch bar | Works with Apple and Android devices | App required

This smart home device offers several features and doubles as a photo frame.

Since the Google Nest Hub is designed with a stand, it is only functionable in landscape mode.

Get yourself a frame that can do both: for those who want a smart home device integrated into their photo frame, look no further than the Google Nest Hub. The digital display is clear with high-resolution images and videos, ensuring no distortion in the displayed content. The setup is managed through the Google Home app with step-by-step instructions and uploading photos via Google Photos is seamless, especially for those already using the app. Beyond being a digital photo frame, it offers various smart features like music streaming, calendar integration, voice recognition, web access for recipes, the ability to control other smart devices, and more.

The Details: 7 inches | 1024 x 600 resolution | 2 GB memory | Voice control & touchscreen | Works with Apple (iOS 15+) and Android Devices (9.0+) | App required | USB or memory card slots

There are additional smart device features while also maintaining somewhat of a traditional photo frame look. 

The frame is restricted to landscape mode because it relies on a stand and lacks wall-mounting capabilities.

Although this Pix-Star frame is one of the more expensive options on our list, all of its additional features definitely make up for it. The setup process is simple, with various ways to transfer photos, including an app, a dedicated email address, and importing from social media or cloud services. The frame displays crisp, clear, high-resolution images and videos, as long as the original image size is used. Beyond photo display, the frame includes features like reminders, games, web radio, music upload capability, and the option to connect external speakers, adding more to its functionality than solely displaying photos. 

The Details: 10 inches | 1024 x 768 resolution | 8 GB memory | Remote control | Works with Apple and Android devices | App required | USB slot

The touchscreen, built-in speaker, camera, and access to various apps like Netflix and Spotify enhance its functionality beyond being a digital photo frame.

The setup process, while generally straightforward, may pose challenges for less tech-savvy users.

The Echo Show 8 impresses with its high-quality display and versatile features. While the initial steps may be a bit clunky, once you get the hang of using both the Amazon Alexa and Amazon Photos apps, the ability to share images remotely and the variety of display options make it worthwhile. While the aesthetic is tech-oriented, the device's landscape-only mode and white cord blend well in various spaces. The high-resolution display and clear video are reliable, with multiple display options available. We deemed the Echo Show 8 as a great value for its size, brand reputation, and multitude of features, making it an ideal gift option. 

The Details: 8 inches | 1280 x 800 resolution | 3 GB memory | Touchscreen | Works with Apple, Android, and Fire OS devices| App required

Two additional digital photo frames we tested couldn’t quite earn a spot on our list but had standout features that may be appealing to some shoppers.

Nixplay 9.7-inch Smart Digital Photo Frame: We like that this frame features video capabilities, sound, adjustable brightness, transition options, a timer, motion activation, sleep schedule, and a clock. However, the remote control, essential for setting up and connecting to Wi-Fi, was initially non-functional and difficult to open, delaying the setup process and making it frustrating. 

Atatat Digital Picture Frame: While the frame is feature rich — including a clock, calendar view, brightness adjuster, a motion sensor, an alarm setting, USB and SD card slots, a headphone jack, music settings, a volume adjuster, and the ability to use the frame vertically — we found that the resolution of both photos and videos is not as clear as on high-end devices like modern smartphones, especially on the large 15.6-inch screen.

We tested 12 digital picture frames over two weeks to assess the setup process, frame design, display quality, features, and value. The testing period included the practical use of the photo frame, evaluating aspects such as the ease of adding and removing photos from various devices, adjustability of the slideshow, storage capacity, display duration, photo orientation options, hanging capabilities, resolution of images and videos, sound and music clarity, and testing additional features like timer settings, clock and calendar displays, weather information, motion activation, and adjustable brightness. For Wi-Fi models, testing involved having someone from a separate household send photos to the digital photo frame.

Our long-term plan includes testing for an additional six months to monitor each jacket’s durability, performance, and user satisfaction over an extended period. We will update these results if our findings should change.

The display quality of your digital photo frame will make or break your relationship with it. Opt for a frame that boasts a resolution capable of showcasing your photos with clarity and sharpness. Whether you prefer a compact frame for a side table or a larger one to command attention on the wall, ensure the size aligns with where you intend to place your frame. A high-resolution display paired with the right size ensures that each image is presented with the utmost detail, making your investment in a digital photo frame truly worthwhile. 

To make an informed decision, evaluate the intended size of your displayed pictures and consider whether you plan to showcase them vertically, horizontally, or a mix of both? Understanding the specific dimensions and aspect ratios that your chosen digital frame supports ensures that your cherished memories are presented in optimal clarity.

Enough storage space on the device you choose ensures that you can showcase a vast collection of your favorite moments without constantly shuffling or deleting images. Before making a purchase, consider how many photos you intend to display and opt for a frame with sufficient internal storage or external memory card support.

We recommend choosing an option that has built-in memory (most of the frames on this list feature 8 GB of memory, allowing for approximately 30,000 photos) or one that uses cloud/unlimited storage so you never have to worry about running out of space.

Most digital photo frames nowadays require dedicated apps for streamlined photo management. These apps play a crucial role in uploading, organizing, and deleting photos on your digital frame. Check for compatibility with your smartphones, tablets, and other devices you commonly use so you can transfer and manage your photos easily. The best way to ensure your device(s) works with the app is to ask the manufacturer, read the frame’s product description, or check that your device’s app store has it available to download. 

A digital picture frame is an electronic device designed to display photos in a slideshow format, constantly rotating through a selection of images of your choosing. Digital picture frames may offer features such as touchscreen functionality, adjustable slideshow settings, compatibility with different photo orientations, and the ability to display videos. Some advanced models even include built-in speakers for playing music or videos, internet connectivity for accessing online content, and smart home integration. 

While some digital photo frames allow you to upload photos through a USB drive, a cable via built-in storage, or a memory card, most options today cater to our penchant to use phones as our sole cameras. Most options today will require you to download a compatible app on a smartphone or tablet to easily upload and manage your photos, and even allow access to friends and family to add photos to your frame (making this a grandparent-friendly gift). Always follow your device’s instructions to ensure a seamless and pain-free setting up experience. 

Not all digital picture frames require Wi-Fi, and there are both Wi-Fi-enabled and non-Wi-Fi models available in the market. The choice depends on the specific features you want and how you plan to use the digital picture frame. 

Wi-Fi-enabled frames offer additional functionalities such as the ability to connect to the internet, access online photo-sharing platforms, receive remote photo updates from friends and family, or even display weather and news updates. Non-Wi-Fi digital picture frames are standalone devices that don't rely on internet connectivity, and use local methods of updating your photo selection, including memory cards and USB drives.

Yes, many modern digital picture frames come with the capability to play videos, and many that do also have speakers to play sound. Keep in mind that the specific features and supported formats may vary between different models and brands, so it's advisable to review the product details before making a purchase.

An expert on shopping trends and a frequent traveler, Maddie Michalik has been professionally reviewing products since 2014. For this story, she combed through Travel + Leisure’s detailed testing insights for all types of digital photo frames, reading through testing feedback for each frame, then referenced product descriptions and additional research to create a comprehensive roundup of the best digital picture frames today.

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The 6 Best Digital Picture Frames of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

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