How to get set up a dedicated server in Enshrouded |

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How to get set up a dedicated server in Enshrouded |

Step-by-step instructions on how to create and join a server in Enshrouded.

Dedicated servers in Enshrouded allow you to play with up to 16 friends.

It's a little tricky to set up a server if this is your first time, so we've explained how to set up a dedicated server and how to join a dedicated server in Enshrouded below, including how to port forward, and what the recommended system requirements are for playing in servers.

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For now, dedicated servers are only supported on Windows. Linux support is planned for a later update.

Here's how to set up a dedicated server in Enshrouded:

Once you've completed the steps above, open 'enshrouded_server.json' with your text editor of choice (we went with the simple Notepad) and write the following in each line of text between the quotation marks:

To get your IPv4, open the Command Prompt and enter 'ipconfig', then copy and paste it into the 'enshrouded_server.json' document. Keep the 'gamePort' and 'queryPort' numbers as default, unless you need to change for firewall reasons.

The next step is ensuring other players can join your server by playing on the same local network (LAN) as you. It's important to note that this is very much dependent on your firewall software and choice of router, so we can't give dedicated instructions for everyone. Instead, we recommend looking up a guide for your specific firewall software and router.

You also need to port forward to get a dedicated server to work in Enshrouded. Again, the exact instructions for doing this depends on your specific router, so we can't be too specific, but we can give you an idea of what you need to do.

Here's a general explanation for how to port forward for Enshrouded:

Depending on your router provider, sometimes you need to enter the port numbers separately, and sometimes as a range.

You can now open the Enshrouded Dedicated Server application while playing Enshrouded to enter your dedicated server! Keep the command window open while playing to keep your server active.

Remember, open your dedicated server from the 'enshrouded_server' application in the EnshroudedServer folder on Windows, not by launching in Steam. This stops some odd server issues from occurring, including your server not appearing when searching for it. You can find this folder again by right-clicking the Enshrouded Dedicated Server from the tools list and selecting 'Properties', going to the 'Installed Files' tab, then clicking 'Browse'.

If you find your dedicated server isn't working for some reason, try port forwarding the number '15637' as well in a different rule, resetting your router, or double-checking you're writing the same numbers in the 'gamePort' and 'queryPort' sections of the 'enshrouded_server.json'. If you changed these numbers for your firewall, you might have to type the new numbers instead.

If this doesn't work, there's most likely an issue with your firewall settings. Although we don't recommend doing this, you can turn off your firewall application completely to force your Enshrouded server to work.

Joining a dedicated server in Enshrouded is easy, as all you need to do is:

You can also press the star button next to a server in order to find it quicker next time.

Remember, if you're the one hosting and can't see your server - even though you know you're typing its correct name - you need to launch your dedicated server from the 'enshrouded_server' application in the EnshroudedServer folder on Windows, not directly from Steam.

If you're the one who created a server, you can change its name, password, and maximum allowed players at any time by opening the 'enshrouded_server.json' as a text file and changing the text in quotation marks.

As taken from the official Enshrouded Server FAQ, here's what hardware you need to play with four to six players on a dedicated server in Enshrouded:

To run a dedicated server that is able to handle 16 players in Enshrouded you need:

Hope you have fun playing with your friends in Enshrouded!

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