TikToker's Gorgeous Lighting Hack Has Everyone Running To IKEA

Many of us use lighting to set the mood within our homes, whether relaxing or upbeat. However, gorgeous lighting doesn't always have to cost a fortune. Using just a SMARRA basket from IKEA, this DIY TikTok hack by @lonefoxhome shows exactly how you can make your own stylish piece using budget-friendly items only. This is an excellent option if you're looking to install some lighting that packs a punch around your home, and it won't take long at all. This will help to make the process a complete breeze from start to finish.

However, that's not all. In addition to being easy to do, this hack is great for your purse strings, as you won't have to fork out a hefty sum for a new light fitting, plus installation costs. All it takes is a few simple steps, and you should have your new light fitting up and running. Below, we'll look at how you can achieve this for your own space. Track Lighting Pendants


Should I share more of my #ikeahack projects? I love the shadows this sconce gives off ✨ #diyproject #diy #ikea

To prepare for this hack, you'll need a SMARRA basket from IKEA for $18, some stain colors for wood of your choice, a large paintbrush, SOLKLINT wired wall lamp from IKEA for $27, some commands hooks, some screws, and some picture hanging nails. First, you need to remove the glass part of the SOLKLINT wall lamp and attach the light part of it to your wall using command hooks. Ensure it's not connected to a power outlet when doing this. Next, you need to decide whether to keep your basket plain or use a color stain on it. If you want to change its color, paint it and leave it to dry. Once it's dry, you can put the basket over the lamp you attached to the wall earlier. Just make sure it's in the correct position. You can do this by using your picture hooks. Now, you should be left with a gorgeous wall light that reflects the light beautifully onto the surfaces of your home.


Led Panel For Bedroom The basket is one of the main reasons this hack works so well, as it helps to reflect the light in a beautiful way due to the design. While there is no denying that this hack looks stunning, some users had concerns, with one commenting: "Wouldn't the heat from the lamp cause the basket to burn?" You should keep this risk in mind if you want to use this hack. To reduce any risk, use an LED light.