Shining a light on 2024 | Worship AVL

Lighting luminary ADJ is shining a light on 2024 with a raft of product launches across its Jolt, Vizi, ElectraPix and Aria ranges.

In keeping with the rest of ADJ’s Jolt Series, the Jolt Bar FXIP combines a bright white strobe/blinder LED with multi-coloured chase effects in the same unit, except the IP65-rated Jolt Bar FXIP can also be used outdoors. It features a central strip of 112 5W cool white SMD LEDs, surrounded on both sides by 448 1.5W RGB colour-mixing SMD LEDs. This allows the fixture to generate intense white strobing as well as coloured washes and strobe effects. Both types of LED are grouped into independently controllable zones to generate strobe chases, and are wireless DMX enabled. Similarly, the Jolt Panel FXIP features a more condensed panel design with 800 1.5W RGB SMD LEDs for colour strobe, wash and other effects, as well as 48 5W cool white SMD LEDs to create the traditional look of a strobe. It too offers an IP65 rating, wireless DMX, multiple DMX channel modes and internal programs. 10uf Ceramic Capacitor

Shining a light on 2024 | Worship AVL

ADJ has also evolved its Vizi Series of automated luminaires. The Vizi Beam CMY fixture uses a 310W Osram Sirius HRI discharge lamp to generate a 2° beam designed for aerial effects. It features CMY colour mixing and a 14-colour dichroic wheel that includes CTO (3,200K), CTB (9,000K) and UV filters. The fixture also offers a gobo wheel loaded with 17 static patterns (including four beam reducers) and a dynamic gobo shake effect. Users can also access onboard wireless DMX, motorised focus, 16-bit fine focus and high-speed, three-phase pan and tilt motors. The fixture’s feature set includes two rotating prisms (16-facet circular and six-facet linear) which may be overlayed and a frost filter for creating wash effects.

The ElectraPix Bar 8 is a 0.5m linear LED wash fixture equipped with a wireless DMX transceiver and high-capacity internal rechargeable battery. Rated IP65, it can be used in any location with no wired connections and features eight individually controllable 20W hex colour LEDs (RGBAL+UV) paired with 32 background 0.2W RGB LEDs. The inclusion of a lime LED chip allows for an enhanced CRI and variable white colour temperature control of 2,700–9,900K. Meanwhile, the UV chip provides a “black light: effect and can also be combined with other chips to create colours like hot pink, deep purple and electric blue. It is supplied with an optional 20° diffusion filter and UCIR24 wireless remote. The ElectraPix Bar 16 offers the same feature set as the ElectraPix Bar 8 but in a larger 1m format with 16 20W hex colour LEDs alongside 66 background 0.2W RGB LEDs. Completing the ElectraPix Series, the ElectraPix Par 7 is a complementary LED PAR fixture and boasts seven main colour calibrated 20W hex LEDs paired with 29 background 0.2W RGB LEDs. It offers a concise 17° beam angle but is supplied as standard with a gel frame and 20°diffusion filter.

Finally, 2024 sees the launch of ADJ’s Aria X2 wireless DMX technology designed to increase the reliability and transmission range for cable-free communication of a DMX signal between console and fixtures. The protocol involves the creation of a wireless mesh where all Aria X2 devices within a system transmit the DMX signal to one. In addition, the app can also be used to remotely configure compatible fixtures and provide basic DMX control.

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Shining a light on 2024 | Worship AVL

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