Shoe storage ideas: 10 of the best shoe racks for a neat hallway

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Shoe storage ideas: 10 of the best shoe racks for a neat hallway

Stumbling over unorganised shoes is not only frustrating but dangerous, so tidying your hall space should be on your to-do list!

But keeping your footwear organised can be easier said than done — especially if you have a large family, are restricted on space, or often need to store muddy boots. Piles of rogue shoes can easily build up in hallways and creep into living spaces, where they can look unsightly or cause you to waste precious minutes in the morning hunting for a missing shoe.

Unlike a messy kitchen cupboard, you can't always just shut the door on your bulky shoe collection and forget about it.

So, whether you want to conceal dirty trainers or keep an enviable designer haul proudly on display, here are some of our favourite shoe storage ideas to keep your footwear neat and accessible.

Combining a coat stand with a shoe rack is a smart way to save on storage space. It may not have room for all your shoes, but it works brilliantly as a place to drop your stuff when you get in — especially if it's wet — or for those you wear often, like trainers and boots.

This shoe cabinet wins points for being both functional and stylish, so if you need to keep your shoes in a bedroom or living space, it's a good choice.

It has room for at least 12 pairs and is incredibly slimline, so won't impede on your space. On top of that (quite literally), there's room for decorative bits.

Make the most of any space available to you — even if it's not much — with this tall option. It offers seven compartments to keep your shoes off the floor.

Not only does this storage bench have space for eight pairs of shoes, it also doubles up as a cushioned bench, giving you a handy place to sit down and put shoes on.

Here’s a clever storage option. These cubes can be arranged to fit the needs of your space, including the line of your staircase. You don't need to keep them specifically for shoes either — pop baskets inside and you can use them for general storage.

Songmics is a popular storage solution brand, known for its thoughtful design and quality — and this shoe rack is no exception.

Available in grey or black, this 10-tier rack is the solution for those with a large shoe collection.

If you're really struggling for space, keep any footwear that's not currently in season (or pairs saved for fancy occasions) neatly tucked under the bed in these handy shoe compartments.

If you don't have the luxury of a built-in or walk-in wardrobe with its own dedicated shoe storage solution, then this little rack from Argos is a great addition.

This extendable shoe rack can be stretched to fit the size of your hallway or storage area — or to fit your ever-growing collection of shoes.

It's always a pain when you pull out your best party shoes only to find they're covered in dust. This set of 22 boxes will keep your footwear clean and protected, while the clear material makes it easy to see which pair is which at a glance.

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Shoe storage ideas: 10 of the best shoe racks for a neat hallway

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