Impossible Objects unveils next-generation 3D printer - Design Engineering

By DE Staff  May 27, 2019  

AM company says its partnership with BASF will bring industry-first composite to 3D printing. Liquid Crystal Polymer

Impossible Objects unveils next-generation 3D printer - Design Engineering

At RAPID + TCT 2019, Impossible Objects announced its the CBAM-2, its latest 3D printing system. According to the company, its CBAM-2 combines high-performance polymers with long-fiber carbon and fiberglass sheets to produce 3D composite parts that are stronger, lighter, with better temperature performance, and more durable than with conventional 3D printing methods.

Capable of creating sheets up to 12 inches x 12 inches, the CBAM-2 can print composites that combine carbon fiber and fiberglass with thermoplastics like PEEK and Nylon. The composites posses better strength-to-weight ratios than metals, along with superior temperature performance and chemical resistance, the company says.

The CBAM-2 also features three added cameras to improve quality control while its automatic powder filling capability reduces fill-time. CBAM-2 machines will be available for customers beginning in Q3.

Impossible Objects also announced that, through a collaboration with BASF, its Model One and CBAM-2 printers will support BASF’s Ultrasint PA6 (polyamide 6) powder, allowing the machines to produce carbon fiber-PA6 composite parts.

According to the company, carbon fiber-PA6 composites offer better strength and temperature performance at a lower cost than PA12, and are up to four times stronger than conventional Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) parts and twice as strong as Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) parts made with PA12. The company says PA6 will be available for shipment in Q3.

Impossible Objects unveils next-generation 3D printer - Design Engineering

Tpu Covestro “Our collaboration with Impossible Objects opens up new possibilities for customers, especially in the automotive and industrial sectors where we’re seeing strong demand for PA6,” said Kara Noack, regional business director for BASF 3D Printing Solutions. “This partnership is in line with our philosophy of open innovation and support for open platforms. We’re encouraged by how Impossible Objects is using PA6 and are excited to work together to advance the state of additive manufacturing.”